Michaels, Schulwolf & Salerno attorneys have extensive background in successfully litigating contribution, subrogation and recovery actions for insurance company clients and their policyholders in a variety of states and jurisdictions.  Our firm has the knowledge to counsel clients at every stage of the recovery process in order to protect the client’s subrogation and contribution rights.  From initial notice to potentially responsible parties, loss cause and origin investigation, retention of experts where appropriate, litigation if warranted, and settlement, our attorneys and staff understand the steps and strategies necessary to successfully prosecute a loss recovery claim.  Whether based on breach of contract, breach of warranty, negligence, products liability or other legal theory, attorneys at Michaels, Schulwolf & Salerno have a thorough understanding of the case law, statutes, regulations and standards applicable to the case.  We stand ready to work with your recovery specialists and legal staff in this important area. 

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